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Findings of new student engagement study now published
CILE team members from Aston University have co-authored a research article based on the analysis of the learning analytics data of over 1600  first year UK undergraduates to measure the effect of student engagement. The findings found that early measures of student engagement are predictive of their future behaviour and future outcomes. The full article can be read here and a write-up about the study can be found in this Times Higher Education article

New approaches to HE: partnerships and innovation conference

Research articles:

Optimising the impact of a multi-intervention outreach programme on progression to higher education: recommendations for future practice and research
Adrian P. Burgess, Matthew S. Horton, Elisabeth Moores
Published: July 2021

Implementing Best Practice in Training Problem-Based Learning Tutors
Jill Johnson
Journal of Problem-Based Learning
Published: 28 Apr 2021

Delivering a positive outcome for STEM students– how TEF will that be?
Gillian Knight
Higher Education Pedagogies
Published: 01 Mar 2021

Effective measures of tailored learning support for Engineering Work-Based Learners in HE: A Case study
Panos Doss, Nicola Allett, Gareth Woods, Goudarz Poursharif, Gillian Knight
Higher Education Pedagogies
Published: 28 Feb 2021

Measures of engagement in the first three weeks of higher education predict subsequent activity and attainment in first year undergraduate students: a UK case study
Robert J. Summers, Helen E. Higson, Elisabeth Moores
Educational Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education
Published: 27 Sept 2020

Determinants of university students’ attendance
Elisabeth Moores, Gurkiran Birdi, Helen Elisabeth Higson
Educational Research
Published: 08 Sept 2019

Using strength-based approaches to fulfil academic potential in degree apprenticeships
Kelly-Mae Saville, Gurkiran Birdi, Sarah Hayes, Helen Higson, Frank Eperjesi
Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning The journal of the University Vocational Awards Council
Published 06 June 2019

Other publications:

What do programme directors do, and why does it matter?
Ruth Massie
Published: 01 August 2019

Milton Keynes ‘will redefine the civic university for the 21st century’
You will need to be registered with Times Higher Education to access the article
Lynette Ryals
Time Higher Education
Published: 30 March 2018