About us

The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Education (CILE) is the focal point of an exciting project which brings together academic and professional services staff from Cranfield and Aston Universities. As a virtual centre of excellence, CILE aims to advance educational innovation, business-engaged educational design and innovative delivery modes in STEM provision within UK Higher Education (HE).

News, publications and events

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CILE Online Conference – Sept 2020

New approaches to HE: partnerships and innovation – 22 September

CILE workshop – Sept 2019

Cranfield And Aston Universities Second CILE Workshop

Research article – 8 Sept 19

Determinants of university students’ attendance

CILE blogs

Active learning and classroom design: the SCALE-UP approach

Angela Sparks, Cranfield University, August 2020

Getting the basics right when moving online

Ruth Bender and Graham Bell, Cranfield University, July 2020

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL): sharing Aston University’s experience

Ellen Pope, Nicola Allett, Victoria Carroll, Aston University, June 2020